5 Celebrities That Have Lost Big in Real Estate - AARP


Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry is making headlines, although not for his skills on the court. Curry and his wife have reportedly lost big bucks in one of the strongest real estate markets out there. In late 2015 the Curry's paid $3.2 million for their 7,520 square foot Walnut Creek, Calif. mansion. The couple poured almost half a million dollars into fixing it up, the Mercury News reports. When it came time to sell their home the Curry's brought in only $3.195 million, after dropping the price last month from $3.395 million. Curry's original asking price was $3.7 million, when their home went up for sale last October. But the Curry's shouldn't feel too bad, sometimes the real estate game isn't for everyone, and they are in good company. Here's a list of some other notable stars that lost cash in real estate. Watch More with TheStreet: Carly Fiorina's Advice to Young Women: Don't Let Other People Define You You Won't Want to Miss These Moments at Comic-Con 2017 From Catalogs to Catastrophe: A Sears Timeline 60 Second Tips: Navigating Financial Aid Chipotle Is Now Off the Radar for 18 Months, Jim Cramer Says

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