Why the Bull Market Could Run for Another Decade - AARP


U.S. stocks like they've got another 10 years of generally rising prices, a top Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategist told TheStreet. 'This market's in a secular bull market. We have 10 years to the upside,' Mary Ann Bartels, chief investment officer of portfolio solutions at BofA Merrill's Investment Management and Guidance Division, said during TheStreet's August Trading Strategies roundtable. However, Bartels cautioned that Wall Street won't see a straight shot upward. 'Will we get bear markets? Absolutely,' she said. 'But the question [will be]: 'Is it a bear market or is it just a correction?' I can honestly say, fundamentally and technically, there is no sign of a bear market that's about to happen here.' You can watch our full August Trading Strategies roundtable here. Or, check out more of our experts' August advice at: You Must Avoid Amazon Just in Case It's the Next RadioShack Why I Love Nvidia, Lam Research and a Dozen Other Stocks The Red-Hot S&P 500 Could Possibly Crater 10% in a Week This Month, Again Why Bitcoin Could Take Over the World Gold and Bitcoin Look Ready to Heat Up Don't Expect the U.S. Dollar to Be Hot This Summer

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