How Do You Pick the Right Tax Accountant? - AARP


There's a big push to go mobile this tax season, but many of you are actually gonna need an accountant. It's totally fine, you just have to gear up to be completely honest. You can lie to everyone else in your life, but have to be truthful with your tax accountant because it's illegal if you don't report stuff. That means you need to be totally comfortable with this person. Go have a drink with him or her. For God's sake, don't wait until April to find one. That person has every right to slam the door in your face if you show up that late. Preferably - you want a Certified Public Accountant or an Enrolled Agent. Just know that not all CPA's do taxes, some just do accounting work. EAs are federally licensed tax nerds. That's what you want because both can help in case of an audit. Get Recommendations, check out your state's CPA site. Once you find someone, you have to interview him or her. Ask about credentials, experience with the IRS, ask about the clientele. Can you call this person throughout the year in case tax issues come up? Look your Tax accountant is gonna be your new BFF, so make sure you really like each other.

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