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These are the top 5 least stressed cities in America: 5. San Jose, California Hackneyed as it is, 'do you know the way to San Jose' is still a very valid question-thanks, in part, to Dionne Warwick. Near-last (at 148 and 147) for health and safety-related stress and family-related stress, respectively, San Jose also boasts an impressive 107th for work-related stress-far above the median of 75. Money is another issue, however, as it ranks 62nd in that category. 4. Madison, Wisconsin Home to one of the largest 4th of July fireworks displays in the Midwest, Madison is as American as apple pie or, well, American cheese. Work does not get anyone down there (147th in the nation), and neither do the vicissitudes of family life (127th in the nation). Notably, Madison posts a 118 in health and safety-related stresses (even if money stress there is a middling 92 out of 150). 3. Honolulu, Hawaii What could possibly cause consternation in one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S.? Not much, apparently. Honolulu boasts the lowest health and safety-related stress in the nation, according to WalletHub's study, seconded only by its rank as 148 out of 150 for family-related stress. To be fair, Honolulu is about average when it comes to work stress and money stress (73 and 76, respectively), but there are worse trade-offs when you've got your toes in the sand. 2. Irvine, California Irvine's very favorable ranking of 149th in the nation for both family-related stress and health and safety-related stress pulls it to this end of the list and makes it the second least-stressed placed WalletHub surveyed. Like Honolulu, however, Irvine posts average rankings in the work-related and money-related stress categories-and it's the second Orange County locale on the list. 1. Fremont, California Fremont-population approximately 220,000-and, reportedly the least stressed-out city in the U.S. Shangri-La or sham? If you trust WalletHub's survey, the former. This Bay Area bedroom community and Silicon Valley stronghold has the lowest family-related stress rank in the nation. Its residents cope with stress better than almost anyone else. Its health and safety rank is 132, its money related rank is 116, and it has (arguably, but barely arguably) the best climate in America. Work-relates stress remains above average (at 61), but think about who works there and all the wonderful things they do to advance technology and a 61 is probably understandable.

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