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Nothing says summertime quite like taking the tarp off the old grill and barbecuing some homemade hamburgers. We've got the tips and tricks on how to make a hamburger to impress friends and family alike. Ingredients: 80/20 Ground Beef Kosher Sea Salt Black Pepper Non-Stick Grill Spray Cheddar Cheese Brioche Buns Burger Sauce Savory Bread and Butter Pickles Red Onion Lettuce Tomato Start by taking your unseasoned ground beef and forming patties. Make sure to put an indent in the middle as it will keep them from inflating like balloons on the grill. Season one side of your patties heavily with salt, pepper, and coat with some non-stick grill spray. Heat up your grill to around 500 degrees. If you don't have a thermometer this is a simply a high flame. Lay your burgers on the grill seasoned side down then season the top side as well. Let them cook for a couple minutes and check the underside with a spatula. If a solid seared layer has formed, flip the patties. Make sure to flip every few minutes to ensure an even cook, these will only take about 8 minutes to cook. After your last flip, put your cheese on top of the patty. Place buns face down on the grill and close for 5-10 seconds. If you have a meat thermometer, check the temperature. You want at least between 125 and 135 degrees.

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