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Here are a few travel ideas for people who waited until the last minute this Memorial Day. Memorial Day is just the beginning of Florida's oppressive summer weather meaning 3.5-star rooms in Miami can still be had for $72 a night. Most East Coast Travelers will be Struggling through Theme Park Lines farther north. If there's Disney, there'll be crowds on Memorial Day weekend and California is no exception. However, if you're willing to leave Orange County and stay in a more vibrant city, a four-star room in Los Angeles starts at $70 a night. While some New Yorkers take the Hamptons jitney or the vans out to Rockaway, savvy tourists stay in town and enjoy the extra elbow room. Stroll through Central Park and stay at a 3.5-star hotel near the Empire State Building for $78 a night. Las Vegas will be super crowded on Memorial Day weekend, so you wouldn't think there'd still be 3.5-star rooms for $56, but it's a sprawling town with lots of ways to separate tourists from their money.The Gulf Coast of Texas loves it some Memorial Day, with tourist attractions in Galveston and elsewhere just waiting for folks to come kick off the season. But its Huge. So when Hotwire tells you that you can stay in a 3.5-star hotel in Texas for $84 a night, just make sure that hotel isn't 11 hours from where you want to be.

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